Tropical, Electro, Zouk, Brazilian, Afro

Outlines starts as brazilianified zouk tune but quickly morphs into darker, weirder territory. Born in a session with some NYC based congolese musicians, the song was fleshed out in Rio a few months later. The video was conceived as a landscape portrait of a particular corner of São Paulo state. Directed by Brazilian filmmakers José Menezes and André Dip, the video shines a light on the lives of fishermen on the east coast of Ilhabela, an island of the coast of Sao Paulo state in Brazil. Mainly known as a tourist destination for paulistas on its east coast, the video contrasts the traditional lifestyles of these fishermen against the urban landscapes on the road returning to the mega city of Sao Paulo. Creating a narrative through contrasting landscapes and lives. Inspired by the music’s twisting of tropical tropes, mixing element of Brazilian and African music, with darker, weirder elements of electronic music.