August 24, 2018

Teeklef was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was first exposed to music in the church choir. But when he could sneak away to places where he could watch American television, he found himself glued to BET’s106th and Park, emulating the style of American rappers and R&B singers. This led him in new artistic directions and he was inspired by the mix of R&B/hip-hop and Afrobeat sounds. After moving to Indianapolis in 2008, he continued to develop as an artist, playing locally at first and later expanding his following, playing in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and all over the Midwest. The single “Apart” creates a new sound for Indianapolis, a place not typically known for its hip-hop scene. “Apart” demonstrates Teeklef’s love and respect for the music of his former home, and his forward-looking view of what the future of American hip hop and R&B might have in store for us. An immigrant—now a US citizen—a father and a leader in his community, Teeklef shows us what life can be like in a global world that embraces all cultures.