Sunrise Remixes - EP

Jillionaire, Fuse ODG & Fatman Scoop

Dancehall, Pop, Remix

After garnering over 2.5 MILLION plays on Spotify, the summer hit “Sunrise” from Jillionaire, Fuse ODG, & Fatman Scoop is back with 5 exciting new remixes from some of the top DJs and producers in dance music today! The “Sunrise Remixes” EP is being released by Jillionaire of the chart-topping group Major Lazer’s own record label, Feel Up Records. Each reinvention of his feel-good anthem takes the track to new, unique heights, creating an EP that is both diverse and familiar to fans of the original mix. The EP features the deep, chill vibes of Eric Sharp, the tropical bass of DOM DIAS, the big room crossover of dEVOLVE and ZooWow, and the “Jersey Soca” of Kiff. The “Sunrise Remixes” EP has something for everyone and is sure to keep you partying “’til the sunrise!”