Can't Stop Feat. Splurt

Neo Fresco

Electronic, Caribbean

Kyle dePinna is an accomplished Producer, DJ, Music Video Director, Creative Consultant, and Entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles CA. He is known to most by his stage name, Neo Fresco. Across all online platforms, his Neo Fresco project has accumulated over 5 million streams.. His most popular track is his remix of Major Lazer’s “Bubble Butt” which has amassed over 1M plays and over 50k downloads. He has teamed up with Splurt to release their new single, “Can’t Stop”. Splurt describes his lyrics as a story inspired by a dream he had, he uses a dancehall style delivery and refers to a relentless mad man on a high octane pursuit of a girl driving at top speed on an island road with tons of propane in the back of a truck and finally waiting impatiently for a girl outside her gated house. Splurt says it’s typifies his shadow self and alter ego that has woven in and out of his life. Their track “Can't Stop” was actually a long time in coming. Neo Fresco first produced the beat a couple years back. The artists had become friends through doing work for Major Lazer in 2015. Neo Fresco had sent the track to Splurt and together they came up with a bunch of different ideas and after some rearrangements and mixing both their styles with blending Caribbean influences the demo eventually became “Can’t Stop”. It is being released by Jillionaire of the chart-topping group Major Lazer’s own record label, Feel Up Records. You can’t stop your inner crazy from letting loose on the dancefloor.