"Alone" EP

Jus Now

June 17th 2016
Dance, Electronic

The bond between the West Indies and United Kingdom tightens through Jus Now’s mutual passion for drum culture. Master percussionist/Trinidadian producer LAZAbeam and British DJ/producer Sam Interface of Jus Now, who made an impact last year with their Cyah Help It EP, dive deeper into their library of sounds and artist collaborations for this follow- up Alone EP. The four-track opus will be released on June 17th. Taking inspiration from the rich history of drumming around the world, Jus Now samples and records various type drums such as djembe (West Africa) and tassa (Indo-Trinidadian) to craft the organic feel of Alone’s fusion of dancehall with electronic music. A tropical tone is first established on “Amazon.” The track’s keys (by Venezuelan Simon Mendoza), woodwind flutes and log drums are fueled by human energy typically seen in small drum circles to large Carnival processions.