Fi Di Gal Dem feat. Mr. Lexx

Jillionaire & Phat Deuce


"...this hyper-ragga track trots all over the globe, mixing the best of international influences along the way. Jillionaire, Mr. Lexx, Phat Deuce and Stockholm's Salvatore Ganacci to mix and master the final cut, cooked up a jam that's sure to be at home in the dancehalls of Kingston and the raves of Scandinavia." = The Fader "I've always been a big fan of Phat Deuce's productions that mix pounding big room kicks and crazy synths with a distinctly tropical vibe. We linked up in Stockholm on my first trip over there a few years ago and have kept in touch ever since. I hit him up after his crazy "BRB, Let's Rave" single, and we sent the track over to Mr Lexx for vocals. Also shout out to my homie Salvatore Ganacci for coming through on the mix and master…I dunno man I just keeps it Swedish." - Jillionaire