Feel Up Radio Vol.18 – Chief Boima – Mustard with Pepe

Chief Boima is our guest on Feel Up Radio Vol.18, tune in for some hyphy sound.

Here is a little story by Chief Boima to introduce the mixtape: So the idea behind the mix stems from a conversation that I had with my colleagues at Africa is a Country, about how Southern and West Coast Rap influence in US mainstream music, has been able to allow Kwaito influences to return to mainstream South African Hip Hop. And I’ve noticed for awhile that the current zeitgeist of DJ Mustard-inspired beats infecting the US mainstream has also touched a nerve globally.

However, what sometimes goes unrecognized when talking about DJ Mustard’s sonic dominance, is the influence that the Bay Area’s Hyphy movement had on his sound. And since Global Hyphy is kind of my thing, I thought I would mix some of my own experiments in the sound, with some current Mustard-influenced tracks from around the world (starting in Africa and moving to Latin America), to highlight how influential the Bay Area’s humble local Hip Hop scene has actually become.

Hope you enjoy!

Feel Up Records Vol.18 – Chief Boima – Mustard with Pepe by Feel Up Records on Mixcloud

Chief Boima will be at our Sound Splash party poolside at the Beach, Dream Downtown, NYC. June 21st.
Other dates:
June 19th – Pico Picante in Boston
June 26th – Afropolitans at Meridian 23 in New York
July 11th – Harbour Front Centre in Toronto