Midnight Machine

Clementine & The Galaxy

dance pop, synth pop, electro pop

Taken from their Midnight Machine EP, Midnight Machine is the new dance pop anthem by Brooklyn duo @clementinegalaxy "Midnight Machine is about the virtual connections we make through technology. The slightly addictive ability to communicate with strangers, acquaintances or long-lost friends and develop a pseudo-relationship without the red tape or commitment of being physically present with someone else. Like internet dating, or facebook messenger, or getting caught in an infinite loop of reading Quora answers, the Machine keeps you enthralled while real-life and real-people can seem so banal. The song refrains "It's so easy to spend the night with you." This is not a call to a lover but instead to the virtual world that can keep us up all night but asks so little in return. The effected-robot voices and vocoder bits that fill the track are an homage to the relationship we can develop to this Machine that once was solely the role of another human."



https://play.spotify.com/track/2gFKOUZErIQ4GrwVzwbuoE   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRD3CxPkaJQ