Sensitive Thug EP


October 28th 2016
R&B, Electronic

It’s taken 30 years, but our BOYSLASHFRIEND has finally grown up. Amidst a whirlwind of unread “u up?”
texts and land mines masquerading as thirst traps, a Sensitive Thug emerges from his leather cocoon a man. Trading in the grey skies and unforgiving pavement of New York City, our hero heads West, mining for gold deep into the Los Angeles night. Join him in a quest as old as humankind. Will he find love? Will he find himself? Listen, stay tuned and say a prayer for ya boy.


1) A Real One (prod. MNTN) - BOYSLASHFRIEND - 1:52

2) Über X Jack In The Box (Interlude) - BOYSLASHFRIEND - 1:24

3) Unconditional (prod. MNTN & Obey City) - BOYSLASHFRIEND - 3:00

4) Wrong Direction (prod. MNTN & GLDNEYE fka Tom Cruz) - BOYSLASHFRIEND - 4:27

5) Ma & Pa (Interlude) - BOYSLASHFRIEND - 1:40

6) Landslide (prod. MNTN) - BOYSLASHFRIEND - 4:03