Richie Beretta

  • It’s hard to imagine Richie Beretta being born anywhere other than Queens, NY. Considered the most ethnically diverse city in the world, Berretta grew up in a place where cultures and music were mashed together while being simultaneously celebrated. In this way, he saw first-hand how music connects people in ways few other things can. Starting off in punk bands, inspired by reggae and hip-hop, Beretta went on to become a versatile and respected multi-instrumentalist, writer, producer, and teacher at NYC’s Dub Spot. This led to his role as Chief Creative Officer of Feel Up Records. At Feel Up, he and his production partner, Jillionaire, have built a cross-genre label focused on spreading new music from around the globe. Beretta’s homebase, Sevensound Recording Company is an innovative production house, geared towards truly cultivating independent artists such as New York City diva Cherie Lily, hip-hop artist Cazwell, and female rapper Kid Sister to name a few. Despite its underground spirit, Sevensound is highly sought after by Major labels such as Warner Music Group, Atlantic, Universal, and Universal-Japan. Whether he’s producing Billboard chart-topping remixes for Beyonce, writing songs for Soca icon Fay-Ann Lyons, or mentoring tomorrow’s icons, Beretta has never lost sight of what made him fall in love with music growing up in Queens. Music exists to unite people across the seemingly impassable gaps of language, geography, and custom.