Grand Analog

  • Grand Analog is a Toronto-based collective of musicians, record hoarders and turntable enthusiasts. Created by lead vocalist Odario Williams, band members also include bassist Warren Bray, keyboardist Alister Johnson, drummer TJ Garcia and DJ Ofield Williams. Grand Analog was conceived as a project combining R&B, jazz, reggae and rock influences into a hip hop style, using vintage analog gear during the production – hence the name. Their restless feet create an extensive touring schedule; over the last two years they've left their mark on showcases and festivals such as NXNE, SXSW, JunoFest, CMW, NMW plus various Jazz and Folk Festivals nationwide. Their jam tendencies and love for analog can be traced back to brothers Odario and DJ Ofield's father, who was a reggae DJ in the 80s. So far, Grand Analog has won two Western Canadian Music Awards; one in 2009 for the Touch Your Toes EP and in 2010 for Metropolis Is Burning. Grand Analog was also nominated for a Canadian Independent Music Award in 2010 and various CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards. Their single “I Play My Kazoo” reached number one on CBC Radio 3’s R3-30 Chart. Grand Analog’s latest work, Modern Thunder, was produced collectively with each band member adding their unique talents and flavor. The record keeps Grand Analog’s genre traditions alive, whi­le fine-tuning the sound and solidifying it as a cohesive package. It's Hip-Hop’s new folklore; skillfully and subtly blending anything from afro-beat to rock. Ironically, the music of Modern Thunder dwells on everything classic. The album opener, Lion Head, fuses early afro-beat rhythms on hard hitting hip-hop drums while the electro-hop sounds of heart the lonely Hunter lends a Joni Mitchell-type vocal to the chorus. Wild Animal Print flirts with classic house while Guys & Girls has the funk. Grand Analog’s Modern Thunder will be released on Feel Up Records in April 2014.


Modern Thunder

April 22 2014
hip hop, soul, funk