• Back in the driver's seat of your girlfriend's whip, @Boyslashfriend returns with his debut album release, Low Key via Feel Up Records. Shan Poo aka BOYSLASHFRIEND is a New York City singer/songwriter with a heavy heart for 90's R&B, and a forward mind for the future in dance music. The LP, Low Key displays Boyslash's range as a storytelling hopeless romantic who loves to break night alongside that special girl or his music partners, Jason Scott Henderson and producer, Christian "MNTN" Mariano. Steady maintaining in Manhattan as a bachelor in 2015, Boyslash’s sincere sensitivity and boldness thrive on each of Low Key’s 10 tracks. The album features guest production from Obey City, MeLo-X, Joseph Marinetti, Mess Kid & more. Guest vocalists on the project include Brooklyn siren, JADE? and New York's brand new R&B MC, GETOVERHER. One of the new cuts from Low Key entitled "BTWN" has also been featured on FXX's brand new TV series, Man Seeking Woman. Low Key experiments with Shan Poo's most vibrant sound to date, with a brighter tone and sharper tongue after his 2013 debut EP, Leather Weather. Since Boyslashfriend first emerged on stage at The Fader Fort by Converse, he's performed live alongside DJ Cassidy, Ryan Leslie, G-Unit, Fabolous, Nick Catchdubs, Nadus, Jubilee, Kid Sister, DonMonique and more. Continuing to seduce young ladies in the bedroom as well as in the club, Boyslashfriend's growth is driven by every word and truth injected into his music. Influenced by Brooklyn, the UK and Los Angeles' underground party scenes, Boyslash creates a sexy fun sound of wisdom and optimism with Low Key. Shan sings "songs you should sext to."



R&B, Indie, Dance